Emergent Collective One
One of the aspects I greatly admire about the communities I interface with (primarily Flash developers, but digital tech people of all stripes) is that there is such a diverse amount of talent, interest, and drive among these individuals. More than any other group of people I’ve come across, there seems to be an inordinate amount of developers who also spend their time doing some form of audio composition. What better way to highlight their efforts on both fronts than to put together a compilation album of their audio work along with related information and offer it to the community at large?

Emergent Collective One
community compilation cd

released 22 July 2010 
Fractured Vision Media, LLC 
Various Artists
Sea of Arrows
[Cliff Hall - Flex, AIR, Author of PureMVC]

Partition 36
[Andrew Jones-Gonzales - Linux, Lisp]

Sean McCracken
[Sean McCracken - Flash, Unity, Influxis]

Lee Fernandes
[Lee Fernandes - Music Producer, Application Developer, and UI Designer]

[Roland Zwaga - Flex, Spring Actionscript]

The Compilers
[Eric Fickes, Jun Heider, Scott Sheridan - RIA, RMAUG+]

James Allen
[James Allen - Voiceover Artist, ColdFusion Developer]

[Ain Tohvri - Flash dev since 1999, music maker since 1995]

My Brother and I
[Sean Moore - flex dev, musician, dj]

[Kevin Suttle - Flash Platform User Experience Architect, Channel Developer at litl]

An Early Morning Letter, Displaced
[Joseph Labrecque - Flash Platform, Adobe Higher Education Leader]
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