The new Flash Builder 4.7 has a nice compile option which can be enabled in pure ActionScript projects to enable detailed telemetry for measurement and profile via Adobe Scout. What about Flex projects? What about projects created with Flash Professional? Wouldn't you want to use these with Scout as well? Adobe does have a solution for this in the form of a small Python script which can be run against a precompiled Flex or Flash Pro swf in order to enable Scout profiling... it's a bit of a pain to use though... you have to install Python and be fairly comfortable with the command line in order to get it to work. This is where TelemetryEASY comes into play. This is an AIR application for Windows which has bundled within it both the Python script used to modify swf data as well as a standalone version of Python 2.7 to execute the script. This is all accomplished through a drag and drop mechanism -- couldn't be simpler.
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